Retiring Bad Brains

While I am blogging about servers, we recently retired Reclaim’s very first institutional Domain of One’s Own server: Bad Brains. It had been a workhorse with more that 3 years of service and over 1400 cPanel accounts. It holds a special place in our history because it was the first DoOO institutional server setup Tim built at Reclaim. It’s easy to forget three short years and 60+ schools later that expanding Domain of One’s Own to other schools was a dream vision. The idea that just two people could extrapolate and support what we did with Hippie Hosting and UMW Domains to numerous schools and thousands of people was never a given. We white knuckled much of those first two years, and we remain grateful that the University of Oklahoma gave us that early opportunity—there is no question they (along with Davidson College and Channel Islands) helped legitimize Reclaim early on. And three years later with over 5000 users and 5 servers neither of us has looked back. Thanks Mark and Adam, you rule!

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