Shenandoah debuts online

It’s official, Shenandoah literary magazine has made the move from print to online-only. What’s more, it just so happens that I was integral in the process of moving this journal to WordPress—where else could it go? Martha Burtis and I came up with a pretty slick architecture for making this happen elegantly and easily. I will be blogging that out over the next month in a multi-part series. But in the interim I highly recommend you check out the first online issue of Shenandoah and leave a comment. I’m personally a big fan of Steve Scafidi, so if you do know his work check out a number of poems from his forthcoming book Lincoln Poems—there is even audio of him reading the poems. And what I love about the new format of Shenandoah is that it is free available to anyone with an internet connection—therein is the true revolution.

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4 Responses to Shenandoah debuts online

  1. Brian says:

    I have spent some time looking through and marveling at this wonderful thing you’ve done. I enjoyed the poetry and essays I read, this is a worthy journal, and kudos for you making a home for it that should prove sustainable.

    Great design, and I’m blown away by lots of the touches. I hope you blog about how the .pdf’s are generated… that is a great feature, works perfectly.

    • Reverend says:


      Thanks, Shenandoah has been an absolute treat because it has allowed me to marry my love of literature with the open web. And bringing a rock solid Southern literary magazine fully online that is open and accessible to the public (and no less in WordPress) I couldn;t be happier. It is awesome.

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