Simpson-ized Self-Portrait …

Gardner has been on a bloggin’ tear as of late and, as usual, providing me with something fun to do online. Like, for example, the simpsomaker self-portrait machine featured below:
Self-portrait as a Simspon character

He has also invoked Martin Luther on the iTunes U question and, quite frankly, I have seen way too much of Apple’s insidious posturing recently to argue with his astute points ..

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One Response to Simpson-ized Self-Portrait …

  1. Gardner says:

    First, great Simpsonized self-portrait. Second, that Slashdot thread is amazing. I like and admire very much of what Apple and the Macintosh have represented over the years, but stuff like this makes my trust even shakier. It also makes me sad, because it seems to me to violate the very principles Apple says it stands for.

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