Slave Leia meets the Garbage Pail Kids

Via this post on Super Punch

Slave Leia gets the Garbage Pail Kids treatment from Luis Diaz.

I love the whole idea of mashing up Garbage Pail Kids with some other fan franchise, or even doing your own like the awesome illustrator Luis Diaz. Another assignment idea I need to add to ds106, but I am gonna try this one first, given I’m not an illustrator, to see what I can come up with in terms of appropriating and remixing a few of the originals.

What’s more, this awesome vintage-style Slave Leia action figure has got me thinking about a few ds106 projects for DTLT’s new MakerBot, which is very awesome and we have only just begin to imagine the possibilities.

Note: Given the flurry of posts as of late you might be able to glean at least two things: 1) I am catching up on many an unread feed; 2) I am getting ready for the Sping 2012 ds106 joint—and I am all fired up about what awesome is to come in just under three weeks.

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