So I Married a PhD

This post is to mark a bit of family history, yesterday Antonella successfully defended her dissertation exploring 15th century Venetian merchant travel narratives and their various cultural tributaries effectively making her a Doctor of Comparative Literature. That is pretty damn awesome!

We met at the CUNY Grad Center in late 2000, and the intervening 19 years have seen us create a life, family, and history together. And that long, beautiful history started with us as Ph.D. candidates. As things go, when we got married and then had kids both of us hung up the pursuit of cap and gown for a while (in fact, I retired mine for good). But 4 years ago when the family dust started to settle Antonella decided to go back to work on her dissertation, and yesterday realized the culmination of 4 years of hard work and a steel resolve to finish what she started and return to the academic world. It’s a pretty awesome day for our family, we have our first official doctorate in the form of a truly remarkable, international scholar. Now if only she would blog 🙂

Congrats Anto, we love you!

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3 Responses to So I Married a PhD

  1. Nigel Robertson says:

    Awesome Antonella! I see people going through the hard yards at work to get there so I know it’s no small achievement. I’ll raise a glass in your honour.

  2. Kate Green says:

    Huge congrats to Antonella!

  3. Congratulations Antonella, and to the whole family! Getting a PhD is a family effort, and doing it with kids is heroic. Wonderful!

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