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48 Divided by 12 is a Quarter

I’m in a kind of reflective mood these days, I turn 48 tomorrow, and for me that is a kinda a strange numerological milestone. I often think of my life in batches of seven years, it seems to be a … Continue reading

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Look around you Tessy

Dad and Tess at a diner in Wantagh I was going to write a long post about my impressions of being back on Long Island last month. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with that fish-shaped isola since I left in … Continue reading

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So I Married a PhD

This post is to mark a bit of family history, yesterday Antonella successfully defended her dissertation exploring 15th century Venetian merchant travel narratives and their various cultural tributaries effectively making her a Doctor of Comparative Literature. That is pretty damn … Continue reading

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A Few Parting Shots for 2018

Before I close down for a week off I thought I would get in a few parting shots at 2018 on a more personal note. I already did my best to sum up my thoughts around Reclaim for 2018, and … Continue reading

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Bava Mountain High

I was tickled when I read Adam Croom’s recent post about his trip to Trento this Summer. When someone visits the gorgeous country of Italy, it is no small feat when their visit ranks as a highlight. Entertaining so many … Continue reading

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The Long Search for Duke

Back in November of 2010 a much younger bava family visited a dog breeder in Bumpass, Virginia when we were seriously considering getting a Spinone. When we finally did get one eight years later Antonella reminded me of the videos we … Continue reading

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Well this past week has been a quiet one on the blog because half of Reclaim Hosting was traveling or vacationing which meant more time atop the support wall defending against the Winter of our clients’ discontent. To add to … Continue reading

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Plan de Corones (Kronplatz)

This weekend the entire clan headed two hours north of Trento into the wilds of Alto-Adige. I’ve discussed Alto-Adige on this blog before, so I’ll spare you the geography/history lesson, suffice it to say it is a pretty gorgeous part … Continue reading

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Yesterday we brought the kids up to a local ski spot in Trento known as Bondone by the residents. The name is a shortening of the mountain it lives atop, Monte Bondone, which is the highest of the Garda Prealps … Continue reading

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12 Post Mortem

Yesterday Tommaso discovered 12 on the rug at the bottom of the stairs. Her last few days were rough, she stopped eating, was visibly disorientated, and could no longer jump. That said, that was only the last few days, the previous … Continue reading

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