Some Classic Arcade GIFs

Here are a few cutscenes from some classic arcade games. I could do classic video game GIFs all day. Given that, I imagine there are many more of these to come, in the meantime can you name all five without cheating by looking at the file names? I think there might be one (maybe two) that could hang folks up—I’ll try and dig up some harder ones for all the Ben Rimeses out there 🙂


Ghosts and Goblins


Jungle Hunt

Karate Champ

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5 Responses to Some Classic Arcade GIFs

  1. Ben says:

    Without using the all powerful Google machine…

    1. Pac Man
    2. Ghosts & Goblins (really hard game!)
    3. Rush’N Attack
    4. Jungle…something, I can’t remember the rest of the title
    5. …you’ve stumped me, I have no idea 🙁

  2. Ryan Collins says:

    First four are easy, the last one, not so much. 🙂

    Number 4 is Jungle Hunt. (Fun game, I could never get past the natives though). The last one I have no idea, but opening the gif in a new tab does helps…

    • Reverend says:

      You two are good, expect five more soon. The last one is actually a partial screenshot, what comes underneath it are the high scores. Think of it as a the cutscene header for high scores. You can easily cheat to get the game name by looking at the filename, so I appreciate how honest you both are. With that ethic, you always win on the bava 🙂

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