Some more cool plugins for WordPress

I have gotten wind of a couple of cool plugins for WordPress that might be worthy of sharing.

WP AJax Edit Comments
The first I found by way of Alex King’s link to this post, which features five must have WordPress plugins. A while I like them all, and I have to say the WP Ajax Edit Comments is unbelievably useful for a poor speller and rapid fire commenter like myself. The genius of this plugin is that it gives commentors fifteen minutes to edit their comment if they made typos or want to reconsider their craziness — a feature I constantly long for 🙂 In short, this plugin is a necessity for me, and one I’d like to see adopted more generally.

Image of WP Ajax Edit CommentsThat said, it has a pretty significant drawback, namely that when you are the admin and you click on the linked name of a commentor or a trackback, it doesn’t go to the site, rather it allows you to edit the commentators address or trackback URL. This is frustrating because I am so used to clicking on links to follow the commentator back to his/her site, and with this enable I am thwarted. That said, I still find it useful enough to keep, more than that it allows you to mark comments as spam right from the frontend, which saves you the time it would take to navigate to the backend and moderate the comment.

Cforms II
The other plugin is an excellent indication of just how much cool stuff I am getting from Tom Woodward on a regular basis. I’m both humbled and inspired by how much he is schooling me on WordPress these days, those damn bionic teachers! The Cforms II plugins is both amazingly slick and powerful. It allows you to add form fields to a post or page, customize the CSS, and create a wide array of full-blown forms within a WordPress blog. Pretty amazing. The example below is just the tip of the iceberg. Moreover, the backend interface is extremely easy to use and unbelievably powerful. This plugin can make collecting information about users though a WordPress blog that much easier.

As a final note, I tested both of these plugins on WPMu 1.3.3 and they work like a charm!

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