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The Bava Diner or, Comments on Post Independence

One of the interesting side effects of regularly blogging on the bava for almost 11 years is you get a longer view of the things you’ve written. I’ve posted a lot about technology, education, WordPress, domains, etc., over the years, … Continue reading

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List Remote Comments

I already blogged about Mark Luetke‘s awesome Motherblogs Made Easy plugin, and I promised there was more. Well, here’s more. Martha Burtis already experimented with Mark’s List Remote Comments plugin on the aggregator blog she is working on for Freshman Seminar she … Continue reading

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Server Admin Tips: SQL Command for Mass Deletion of Moderated Comments in WordPress

Tim Owens and I hung out in a coffee shop for a couple of hours before our afternoon visit with the folks at Georgetown’s CNDLS about UMW Domains (more on that in my next post). We were doing some maintenance … Continue reading

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Aggregating Comments into a Distributed Course Hub Recipe

We been thinking a lot about new methods of syndication at DTLT, but I have to admit we won’t be writing off RSS just yet. I do hope that one day we can synch comments between in psots seamlessly between … Continue reading

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Displaying Distributed Comments on the Hardboiled Blog

One of the nuts of aggregating mother blogs that was tough to crack for a long while was showing the number of comments on posts that were syndicated in. Almost two years ago  Martha Burtis cracked that nut for ds106. I’ve … Continue reading

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The Art of Commenting

Image credit: Not in HD In DS106 one of the things that I have been pushing harder than anything else is commenting on each other’s work. I want it to be honest, plentiful, and sustained. In fact, I have the … Continue reading

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Wiring the syndication bus together

Philipp Schmidt just posted on a cool new mashup of Google Forms and Yahoo Pipes that creates a kind of self-service aggregation of feeds for Peer-2-Peer University classes, you can see the prototype here. Go ahead, add the URL of … Continue reading

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Achilles’ Heel of the Syndication Bus

In a recent post about the development towards a syndication bus using WordPress Multi-User, Steven Egan brought up an excellent issue that for me remains the Achilles’ Heel for this setup: how can we syndicate comments along with posts? Thing … Continue reading

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Facebook Hazing

I was talking with a faculty member about social networking Tuesday, and while she was giving me some tips on my Facebook profile I switched my relationship status from single to married, something I didn’t think twice about at the … Continue reading

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UMW Blogs loves Akismet

After reading this post by D’Arcy about how easy and free it is to get Akismet up and running for WordPress Multi-User, I finally decided to take the plunge and replace the developmentally languishing Spam Karma 2 with Akismet–I’ll miss … Continue reading

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