Spider-man 1967, Epsiode 9

This week’s Spider-man features two episodes with two all-new villains:

“The One-Eyed Idol” Someone has sent a one-eyed idol to Jonah Jameson. Jameson is hypnotised by the idol to steal his own cash. Spiderman finds the assailant the following night but gets captured. Cliventon [a Crocodile Dundee prototype] and his Aborigine friend have been swindling Jameson. Spiderman escapes and catches the both of them.

“Fifth Avenue Phantom” Spiderman attempts to halt the Phantom’s activities only to be set up by him and his henchwoman Marie. The Phantom has hired women to shrink valuable items to steal and sell. In the factory Spiderman finds that the Phantom’s henchwomen are robots [femmebots!] and captures them with the Phantom.

Above descriptions take from Spider-man 1967 TV series article on Wikipedia here.

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