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It Came from the Domains Stacks!

Bryan Mathers is experimenting with animating his art—which is lucky for us—and he has taken the “Domains Death Star Eye in the Sky” poster he created for Domains 17 and gave it life: But he even got crazier than that in the … Continue reading

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Reclaim the CSS Animation

It’s been a bit quiet around here recently. Between flying relatively solo on Reclaim Hosting support last week and fitting in some vacation time as well I’ve been fairly busy. That said, I’ve been meaning to play around with CSS … Continue reading

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Gordian GIFs

Yesterday I refinished yet another old gold sash window in casa bava. The work is in preparation for larger changes, but more on that in another post. For now I just want to point out that Animated Knots might be my favorite and … Continue reading

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Understanding the Praxinoscope

George Meadows’s comment on my last post reminded me that I did, indeed, have prior knowledge of this early animated GIF machine known as the praxinoscope: Jim, about a year ago I gave you a toy praxinoscope – I bet … Continue reading

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Getting Schooled in Roots of Animation

Loving Stuart Blackton's "Enchanted Drawing" from 1906. Getting schooled in roots of animation http://t.co/UiIeo4hPzD #ds106 — Jim Groom (@jimgroom) March 22, 2014 Yesterday afternoon I attended Mary Washicon, a miniature convention, complete with panels, cosplay, and Artist Alley. I got to … Continue reading

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The great Martin Weller passed on this brilliant re-telling of John Carpenter’s The Thing using Pingu’s stop-motion animation as the medium muse. The special effects as seen through claymation are brilliant. Martin and I share The Thing as our favorite … Continue reading

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Crises of Capital Animated

This is a remarkable talk, and once again David Harvey nails it. What’s more, the RSA animation crew make the talk that much more powerful and entertaining—there’s really a there there with this kind of visualization. Hat tip to both … Continue reading

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Spider-Man 1967, Episode 28: “Cold Storage”

Spider-Man’s latest caper takes the wall crawler far away from the familiar skyscrapers of New York City and into a dark realm of horrible monsters and menacing overlords. After picking up a disturbing distress call through his “Spider-sense” Spider-Man eagerly … Continue reading

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Spider-Man 1967, Episode 26: ”Diamond Dust”

”Diamond Dust”: Museum robbers disguised as gorillas create a diversion by unlocking a zoo cage and stealing valuable items while the wild animals occupy the security. Spider-Man discovers the devious plan and corrals the freed animals in time to get … Continue reading

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Spider-Man 1967, Episode 25: “Menace from the Bottom of the World”

”Menace From The Bottom Of The World”: A criminal takes charge of subterranean molemen and uses them create sinkholes under bank buildings to steal all the money inside.

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