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Next week I’ll be heading to Puerto Rico to run a workshop with one of my favorite bloggers, and an early WPMu education maverick, Mario A. Núñez. I’m going to use the occasion to really conceptualize the syndication bus more clearly both using and apart from WPMu in an attempt to start framing out a way to make the re-publishing and feed-filtering syndication that much more seamless. The idea has come a long way over the last two years, and I think it may benefit from more distributed experiments like the ones we are doing over at UMW Blogs and Looking for Whitman. Before I hed out to Puerto Rico, I am going to draft a larger idea for a grant between schools here in Virginia as well as Puerto Rico using the bus in an attempt to get folks thinking about the possibility as well as trying to secure some funding for further design and experimentation with such a model. Particularly so that we can begin to bring the group of developers and experimenters at all the different campuses like Baruch, the MacCaulay Honors College, the CUNY Grad Center, UBC, U Calgary, etc. under some kind of funded fold. We’ll see, and when I write it I hope to get some serious and harsh feedback from all you maniacs.

In the meantime I have to thank Antonio Vantaggiato and Doribel Rodriguez from the Universidad del Sagrado Corazón, who we were lucky enough to have come and visit UMW a few weeks ago, for inviting me down to think in earnest about the possibility of one such model for distributed teaching and learning.

What’s more, they even made a cool poster for the event, as you can see above! 🙂

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  1. Boone Gorges says:

    Let me know once some of that jack starts rolling in. I’ve been trying to find a good way to commercialize WordPress for some time.

    JK LOL

  2. Mikhail says:

    Is STEM here Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics? If so, I’d be interested in the way blogging figures in those disciplines over there in PR.

  3. Hi Mikhail, yes it’s that STEM! At Sagrado we are redesigning a series of core science courses using a blog-centered approach which includes the basic triad of Web 2.0 technology (blog, social bookmarking and RSS aggregation). Plus, some serious pedagogical thinking done by each professor with close guidance of an instructional designer. Courses are redesigned also with the tenet that they integrate learn-by-doing through concrete lab experiences, thus we set up a specific science media lab for this purpose. Etcetera… I’m preparing a presentation… if you’re interested we can talk, I’m avunque on twitter.

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