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The Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies (a.k.a. DTLT) has a new 15 minute daily show called DTLT Today. DTLT Today is the brainchild of our latest and greatest addition to DTLT: the Tim “Timmmmyboy” Owens. It’s been awesome having him aboard for the last two weeks, and he is already off and running with his own ideas for how DTLT could be better—-and that is exactly what we want! Tim’s idea behind DTLT Today to make it short, focused, and daily. It could be about anything tangentially related to what we do from our more localized work at UMW to broader news of the day. I like the free-ranging possibilities here, and the fact we can come up with a topic for that day as it hits us keeps it fresh and inspired, or so we hope. What’s more, it is allowing us to make more use of our makeshift television station at DTLT which has been awesome for our group as a whole—this Summer has opened up a wide range of possibilities for us to explore and experiment with when it comes to web video and live broadcasting.

Anyway, in today’s episode we spend 15 minutes talking about how aggregating specific blogs on UMW Blogs has helped focus for us just how much great stuff we have going on around this publishing platform. Over a year ago I wrote about this idea of “Self-service aggregation” and a year later with more than 500 aggregated study abroad related posts from 25 newly aggregated study abroad blogs I think we can say this experiment has been wildly successful. What’s more, I think it might suggests for us some possible ways for experimenting with aggregating departmental work from around UMW Blogs (and even eventually as it moves to WordPress this Fall—UMW FTW!!!). Anyway, DTLT Today represents yet another format to talk UMW Blogs, aggregation, and the mounting media collective that is DTLT 😉

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