Summer of Love: IHOP

The International House of Pancakes makes the Summer of Love cut, and not only because the 1969 commercial below may be one of the trippiest you will ever see. After a long Summer’s day at the most beautiful beach’s in the world (which are naturally on Long Island), there was nothing better than stopping at IHOP for some pigs and blankets. The entire family would roll out of the big blue 1978 Suburban for the always welcoming faux-bavarian decor. There was a deep feeling of comfort being wedged between my six brothers and sisters at an IHOP booth—complete with four different kinds of syrup—while our mother drank coffee and smoked gold-packed Marlboro 100s. It’s a scene I often replay in my head, and I can’t help but feel unnaturally safe everytime I do, and there is no mistaking the love for what was—and what will be with my own family.

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  1. Jlaroche says:

    I’m loving the blissed out people with balloons.
    I think a book could come out of these posts about the 70s in LI, complete with references to ads, theoretical ideas about nostalgia, the list goes on– a Bava (auto)biography of sorts

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