bava’s Summer of Love 2010

Image credit: “Summer of Love Gathering of Tribes in San Francisco”

That’s right, it’s time for some extended love on the bava, because as Mikhail Gershovich regularly notes, “There is no love like the bava love.” The project is simple, and gains its impetus from the blog “I love this world,” which sadly has seen better days. Plus, this project gives me an excuse to turn up the love, and as with all projects on the bava it is subject to cancellation of abandonement at any time. So, without further adieu, get ready for the Summer of Love on the bava.

First up, I love Leigh Blackall’s thoughtful and provacative series of posts recently about both “Academic Capitalism” as well as his two post series on Ivan Illich and Etienne Verne’s “Imprisoned in the Global Classroom.” The pull quite from Building you a prison” is particularly powerful and resonant:

Deschooling, which has been adopted by ideology of industry, assists this transfer, just as various fascist regimes today are assisted by self-conscious rationalization. In the same way that deschooling is used to promote education without schools and schools without walls, education satellites and the knowledge industry, teaching machines and multi-media systems, it is used to promote permanent education. Without doubt, deschooling here falls into a most dangerous and well-concealed trap, laid for it by those who wish to utilize it to justify the educational mega-machine of the year 2000.

The educational mega-machine of 2000 that we are all riding right now is a wild image, and the means by which Leigh places what we are all doing in this space under the banner of opening up the educational paradigm so that it might promote a permanent condition of education in some of the more nefarious sense of that word does indeed give me pause. And Leigh’s blogging as of late, and his digging in on Illich’s thought while at the same time refusing to to get frozen in the deep uncertainty and apparently parasitic relationship it puts all of us in with respect to our own ideas. It is a hard space to not only occupy, but to make generative, and his work right now is all that in more. So in short, I’m loving the Blackall!

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6 Responses to bava’s Summer of Love 2010

  1. It’s true. Thanks, Rev. Dig the new theme. Don’t let the haters get you down.

  2. Nancy White says:

    Love is all we need…

  3. Cheers Rev, ill keep going with it then.

    • Reverend says:

      You on blog fire, and the stuff you are digging into with Illich and Academic Capitalism is not only so very timely, but absolutely important. I love that your reading and thinking for your Ph.D. is out there in the open, and I also think the work you are doing at questioning some of the fundamental assumptions of this ield and our work is being done by few, if any, others. Bravo!

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