Talking WordPress Multiregion Hosting on Reclaim Today

Last week Lauren Hanks, Chris Blankenship, and I recorded a session for Reclaim Today, “Oh What Brave New Worlds of WordPress Multiregion Hosting!” wherein we discuss the process of getting Reclaim Hosting’s main site running in in a WordPress mutliregion setup leveraging Cloudflare for load balancing, CDN, DDoS protection, and more. The multiregion through Reclaim Cloud provides replicated server setups and Cloudflare ensures the site is always online health checks of each server and distributing traffic accordingly. A lot of this is premised on running our DNS for through Cloudflare, and in this session we talk at length about that process.

One of the reasons we started Reclaim Today was to capture our thinking about particular projects we are doing at any given time. It’s an intentional archive in many ways given we have found it quite useful to take the time to reflect on our approach through conversation. What’s more, this is a special one given it’s work that represents the beginning of a whole new world of hosting at Reclaim. So consider this yet another mile marker on the long road that is Reclaim Hosting’s journey.

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