Having taught online for years and being one of those overproduced PhDs who was forced to work in the for-profit sector to eat, I think we are at Chomsky’s stage 6. I developed a course for Embanet and it was the worst possible educational experience ever. I know tons of my counterparts, none of whom, despite great schools, publication, teaching, etc can land a FT-TT job, and are forced to work in the for-profit sweat shops of academia. We are all called “faculty” or facitators and treated like migrant workers. No autonomy, just mandates and shut up. How I wish I had chosen another path… I am getting out soon.

The end is nigh people. We are selling credentials, not educating. Fool yourselves if you’d like, but those of you with tenure are the last generation. Education has been outsourced like the rest of America. We are enaged in creating compliant wage slaves and not educated citizens. Prof Trutteller has it correct. The era of F2F is over and online education with its watered down realities is here to stay.

Quoted from the comment stream on this Chronicle article. I do love the whole “the end is nigh people” sentiment, it brings out the educational survivalist in me.

And I was worried about the LMS all this time, jeez, I really lost the forest for the trees.

But in other, better news, the Library of Congress reminds us there is something resembling sanity still possible in the world of copyright, more from Kathleen Fitzpatrick here.

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7 Responses to TEOTWAWKI

  1. Tom says:

    Ha, ha. You still read the Chronicle. I’m now judging you.

  2. Reverend says:

    If and only if you actually teach a class in Fall?

    Who else am I gonna read? Certainly not you. No one blogs anymore, and it seems The Chronicle is the only place to watch a shit storm. More than that, I kinda like it cause it’s where all the academic blogging sell-outs go to die, on this the first anniversary of their nascent demise 🙂

    I feel like I’m alone here, stop having kids and come back to the party.

  3. Tom says:

    Didn’t I tell you? I moved my blog to the Chronicle.

    Besides —–

    I am building an army. That takes time and energy. I also have an extreme eating and exercise regime to keep up. That and applying for jobs keeps me busy.

    Besides blogs are lame. Who reads blogs any more? It’s all twitter. Well, twitter and ball bearings.

  4. Matt says:

    Have no fear, Jimmy — the U.S. Senate is on the case.

    • Reverend says:

      So you have already accepted TEOTWAWKI, and are simply preparing for the inevitable? Very smart, Gringo, very smart for you.

      Did they get on the red phone to batman? Or maybe Arne Duncan? 🙂

  5. peter naegele says:

    Might this have something to do with the establishment fighting progress?

    Just sayin’…..takes 2 to tango.

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