The 1,000th Post on the bava

Here’s the tale of the tape:

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That little snapshot with numbers, percentages, and figures can’t begin to suggest how both liberating and tormenting this space has been for me. Not sure I have 1,000 more in me, but there is no question that this archive of the last three and a half years of my ongoing stream of consciousness excites the collector in me. And it’s uneven development and lack of focus is it’s very reason for being, a b-blog through and through. Here’s to you bava, you’re the only one that truly understands me.

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  1. Andre Malan says:

    What those numbers don’t describe (well maybe the comments might a little) is the number of people that your blog has helped. Whether it has been with dealing with the beast that is WPMU, providing cultural perspective and knowledge or simply inspiration to be passionate the Bava has been indispensable for so many people.

    I have been following the Bava for two years now and it has completely changed my perspective on life and indeed my aspirations for the future.

    Thank you Jim for bringing this fantastic beast to the world.

  2. Jerry says:

    Congrats Jim. This has been a place were amazing things happen. So thanks for the insight, opinion, torment and love you put into this – and for being brave enough to put it all out there.

  3. Sure. 100th post and we get a clip show.


  4. Sure. 1000th post and we get a clip show.


  5. Mikhail says:

    If you turn 999 over it is 666, hence the torment. Congrats!

  6. congrats, jim. you’re picking up steam, too.

    @stephen the clip show comment made me laugh out loud.

  7. Gardner says:

    So, you know, have you blogged yet today?

    Such a strange world. I spend a year and a half of my life trying, with greatly uneven success, to get folks to blog regularly, then this Jim Groom fellow appears (with ultracool Twilight Zone swag, no less) and the entire blogosphere shifts. Some might say “be careful what you wish for.” I say “go for it.” Which you have obviously done, with panache.

    I’ve just finished Scott Rosenberg’s new book on blogging, “Say Everything.” I think it’d resonate with you. Sure did with me. Yes, our blogs are our destiny. Blogging lives.

    So keep on choogling. Thanks for all you’ve added to this richly uncanny conversation. And congratulations on the milestone!

  8. AJ Williams says:

    Congrats on the first 1000 and I truly hope you find 10K more in you. Finding the bava spun my feeble ideas of blogging into something much more fantastical.

    FWIW – I always watch the clip shows because I probably missed something the first time around.

  9. Reverend says:

    Obviously you don;t read enough good blogs, but i will say that that was the single nicest comment I’ve ever gotten on the bava, so thank you kindly. *blush* Now ever do that again 🙂

    You better than anyone know just how much torment this creates for all the people around me, so thanks for the support in so many ways, blogging for me defined the work at UMW for me, and in many ways still does. This is the space that makes it make sense for me, and while I’ve lost myself in it, I think it will also be the vehicle through which I begin discovering some stuff too. it is multi-headed beast of chaos, and that’s what I love about.

    Just because you’re a six figure blogger is no reason to big on us little four figure guys 🙂 But it’s funny you should mention a clip show, because that would actually make a lot of sense given this space is more a sitcom that an edtech blog—and it needs to be!

    999 the number of the bava, hell and fire were sworn to be released, just ass backwards.

    Glad you commented here because while I have told you this many times before, it was your blogging in particualr back in the Spring of 2006 that gave me a sense of the urgency and power of doing all this out in the open. So, I blame you to some large degree for the tenor and frequency.

    What can I say but “thanks.” This si a milestone, and while I take very few things seriously (save maybe UMW Blogs) and always have an obnoxious word to send things into a maelstrom, this does mean a lot to me. 1,000 posts over three and a half years, probably thousands of pages with hundreds of thousands of words, images, and videos framing a stram of what I’m thinking. In many ways a simple idea, but in so many others purely radical and revolutionary—and you set the stage. You point the finger and said go, just like ROd Serling in the Ithaca lectures. That’s a privilege and a gift coming to a new job with uncertainy and some reservation—it changed not so much how I think about the world (although it dod change that) but how I communicate those thoughts, and that to me is the pwoer of this open space—it ain’t a resources, it’s a narrative, a vital extension fo who we are. As you are fond of saying, “you don;t subsribe to a feed, but rather a person.” And while this person in these posts may have caused you some pain over these last years, let their be no question they were written together, and that is the other dimension to this whole thing.

    Say Everything is on the play with the title alone is enough for me to buy it given how much I love Lloyd Dobbler, but the idea of framing a recent history of blogging as the model for everything that comes after is so appealing, because when push comes to shove, I still live on my blog and feed for my news.

    10,000+, hmmm. What a goal that would be, at this pace it would mean sometime around the age 66, which would be fantastical in itself. And you know what, that is the best word to describe blogging in my opinion, it’s an adventure and it’s full of the wonder of discovery of the online space that is exploding all around us, and it is also potentially explosive, which attracts me in so many ways 😉

  10. The Bava has completely changed my perspective on life, and aspirations for the future. But likely not in the say was as Andre…

  11. Barbara says:

    You are my hero. We have been at this for three years (almost 4) and just made it to 300 posts. But then again I am one of those hippie, tree-hugging, long-winded bloggers you like to bash so much. 🙂

    But I still love you nonetheless.

    A question: what do you use for your twitter feed on yer blog? TwitterTools is NOT cutting it for us.



  12. Tom says:

    1000 Jim Groom
    thought balloons lightened up the


    Now how long will it take to make 100 movies?

  13. Reverend says:

    Yeah, you hippies play on more than three chords, and that slows you up, but I love you too 🙂

    I’m using Twitter tools here, but tweetable is one I am using on UMW Blogs and I like it, very powerful.

    Thought balloons, I like that, but probably darkened it more than light. As for the movies, I had the idea I would try and do a mashup from the internet archive each week, that never worked out, but it sounded good. I may return to that. I have one more film pending—if it would just get edited—that would put me a little closer.

  14. Tom says:

    Damn you. Hippie freeloader.

    I’ll get the movie done when I can.

  15. Reverend says:


    You know I love you! Well, at least sometimes when you get the job done 🙂

  16. Martin says:

    Given your prolific posting of late you sure it’s not 1000 this month? I’m only at about half that rate. Congrats – every one a gem, you have no idea how many times I’ve said ‘you should take a look at Jim Groom’s blog’. Well, it’s about 12 actually, but that’s a lot since I don’t talk to people. We should make you a blogpressie.

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