The bavamobile

I finally found the perfect vehicle, and since I have been raking in the cash ever since my BlackBoard ads went up, I guess it is high time to live a little. So I’m planning on finding and getting me a 1975 Chrysler Cordoba, a beautifully streamlined machine (much like the bava) you can find a bit more about in the commercial included below starring the late Ricardo Montalban. I’m convinced that this will make the perfect bavamobile, and as luck would have it here in Virginia, anyone can get a custom plate for mere pennies. What’s more, they allow up to seven characters of your choose, so I figured the license plate on this beast will read something like this…


P.S. – I discovered the videos for my last three posts from the I Love this
World blog, which I stumbled upon while researching Jay J. Armes, an proceeded to spend more than two hours working through their archives. There are so many Flickr and YouTube gems on that blog that I would have to say it’s a veritable filtering treasure chest.

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2 Responses to The bavamobile

  1. jeff drouin says:

    I love how it’s called “The Small Chrysler.” Good luck!

  2. Anand says:

    it’s all about the fine corinthian leather.

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