The Clown Joke

Like I said, Cole, sometimes you get what you ask for. And man, if this doesn’t make me an internet hero, what the hell will?
Special thanks to Andy “EduRush Nation” Rush for shooting the video and creating the best part of the joke: the titles—you rock, as usual.

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11 Responses to The Clown Joke

  1. Andy Rush says:

    Anything to give you reason to write more blogs posts!

  2. Mikhail says:

    All you need is about 30 years, a circumcision and some editing and you could be here:

  3. Shannon says:

    Love this joke, it gets funnier every time I hear it.

  4. Brad K says:

    Thank you, sir. Thank you. Buy the ticket. Take the ride.

  5. Alan Levine says:

    The video is awesome, but the live joke in Orlando was a performance to remember! Were I not prepping tonight for a trip to above the border (you rat, you SXSW rat), I’d have a video response…

    I haven’t told you the WordPress Joke, no? Alright, get ready.

    There was a kid, let’s call him “Jimmy”. Jimmy loved WordPress, I mean this kid loved WordPress.

    How much did he love WordPress? Well… he had WordPress wallpaper, he had a WordPress bedspread, he had WordPress carpet. The kid had WordPress drapes, he had WordPress everything.

    The kid was a WordPress fanatic.

    All he thought about was WordPress. He had WordPress trucks, he had WordPress dolls. His parents had to buy him WordPress toys for Christmas , cause he would accept no other gift. I mean the kid, he had an unhealthy obsession with WordPress…

    wonder how the joke ends?

  6. Cole says:

    My life is complete. What can I say but, thank you. Rev, you my friend, are the man. My daughter made a video that says it all:

  7. that’s a classic! I’ll have to send you the Jocko the clown joke… blue to post here…..

    @Alan Levine: The punchline is F-U BLACKBOARD!!!!!

    [like that? see what I did there? see….blackboard is the clown! pretty creative, eh?]

  8. Chip says:

    Now I understand why you like Roger Moore better than Sean Connery or Daniel Craig as James Bond. It’s all in the history of radiation exposure to the individual’s funny bone, man (that’s also why the Rev glows in the dark).

  9. Reverend says:


    Comedy is the highest artform, and it seems that Connery and Craig are epic fails compared to Moore, who is the best Bond. I feel a post coming from that discussion, and the news of my radiation exposure has been greatly exaggerated, I just figured this would be an infuriating way to steal 7 minutes of someone’s life 🙂

  10. Chip says:

    Aha! I predict that post will generate even more ripples than the clown (especially if our friend in Texas announces his favorite Bond from the none-of-the-above category). 🙂

  11. Ken Panko says:

    The genius of this telling is the subtle inclusion of the Lik-M-Aid Fun Dip adding to the innocence of the Little Johnny mystique. The best part is when you compare the Lik-A-Stik to the clown’s microphone and then stick the whole thing in your mouth. Where did you even find Fun Dips anyway? I thought the FDA banned that stuff years ago.

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