This is your brain:
Image of a Brain

This is your brain on the bava:

I thought I knew my way around the internet. That’s right, I thought I was cool and all that. At least until the bava was baconized with thanks to Chris Lott. Now I’m not so sure of things anymore.

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8 Responses to bavabacon

  1. Ed Webb says:

    There are few things in this world that cannot be improved with a little bacon. Along with ice cream, bar mitzvahs, and Eid al Fitr, the Bava may be one of them.

  2. Leslie M-B says:

    Your frequent posting today has confirmed my suspicion that you have a direct brain-to-blog device.

  3. Reverend says:

    @Ed Webb,
    The highest compliment.

    Nope, I’m just avoiding an avalanche of work in the most creative ways possible. And I have the kids locked in the attic 🙂

  4. Steven Egan says:

    I need to get those web comic characters going. The Rev, bacon and the zombie combat sure to go on in a bavacon reminded me of that. Maybe tomorrow.

  5. Cole says:

    It does look good on you. How can I attract a little bavattention to my world? I feel like since we got to hang out in FL we can’t connect on the tubes. What’s up!

  6. Andrea_R says:

    Mmmmm, bacon…

    Or, if you really want to do some non-productive procrastination, you could always cornify your site.

    …. what? You *said* we needed to girly it up in here… 😉

    • Reverend says:

      That cornify is downright dangerous, I didn;t know how to get it off my site for a good five minutes. I finally refreshed, phew…talk about killing my image 🙂

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