The Daily Create (tdc19): Tell a Joke

I did a bunch of jokes for Friday’s Daily Create, (as did a lot of other people, many of which aren’t showing on the TDC site) an I have to say The Daily Create (TDC) is a total blast. I get to see or hear the fully online students as the do their daily creates as well as see the open online folks. It connects me with people exploring the class in ways that weren’t nearly as immediate last Spring. And while Bagman has stole the hearts and minds of ds106, and is now running for president—I want to see that campaign unfold—it’s the quotidian process of creating across various media that the TDC has made an ongoing  staple of the course. I’m digging The Daily Create even more than I thought I would, and once all the students Flickr an YouTube feeds activate and start pulling in it will be even more beautiful than it already is.

So, the TDC joke I did that I want to feature on the bava is actually not my joke. Shannon Swanson (Shannotate) told it to me at work and I freaking loved it. It is a Sean Connery joke, and given Sean Connery may be my least favorite actor of all time, I relished the opportunity to laugh at his expense. So anyway, here is the joke with special thanks to Shannon.

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  1. Brian Short says:

    @joke Hilarious! Maybe a TDC where everybody speaks in accents?

    @crossplatformcampaigning It’s ON.

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