The Dead Moocmen at Domains 17

It’s all but official, on the night of Monday, June 5th a 9:30 PM, the Dead Moocmen will be performing live as part of the Domains 17 conference. I would like to say it was smooth process get them to agree, but I can’t. After reaching out to them many, many months ago, their A&R person just got back to us last week with a ridiculous backstage rider.  Here is just a taste to give you a sense of what we are up against:

After some stiff negotiations we got them to settle for 25 pizzas and a 6-pack of FROYO instead of the California Coolers. You can read the whole rider here, but trust me it is not pretty. In fact, to offset some of the costs we had to dig deep and get shirts and stickers made so Reclaim Hosting doesn’t go totally bust in trying to land these titans of ed-tech punk rock. I mean we’re not Canvas over here, it’s not like we can just call up M.C. Hammer 🙂 


If someone said my ulterior motive for this whole conference was getting a ragtag band of ed-tech together to hack out some punk rock, I’m not sure I could entirely deny it. It promises to be loud and raucous, so bring your earplugs along with some over ripe tomatoes 🙂 The conference has filled out nicely, and we have an amazing line-up of events and speakers on both Monday and Tuesday. We finalize the numbers on May 30th, so if you were still on the fence, here is your last chance link to register. If not, we’ll see you on the #ds106radio!

N.B. – You probably noticed from the artwork we went to the Bryan Mathers well of remixed creativity yet again, and I am hoping to get a poster for the gig out of him sometime soon. 

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8 Responses to The Dead Moocmen at Domains 17

  1. Will the shirts be available to fanboys who can’t make it to the concert/conference? Asking for a friend…

  2. Hold on a goddamn minute Groom. You and your commie buddies are TRYING TO MAKE MERCH MONEY OFF OUR BAND. No goddamn way. We get 100% of the merch or the deal is off.

  3. daniellynds says:

    I’m in for a men’s L and an XL.

    Also, my better 9/10s would like a small, but only if its a “women’s” shape and size small.

    Also. #Domains17 just got WAY awesomer!

    If you need someone to step in for “Bleach Boys” let me know.

    I can get you someone by 4 o’clock. You don’t wanna know how, but I can get you one.

    • Reverend says:

      No ladies cut on this one, it was a bit last minute, but you can see it in person and decide if it might work. As for help, absolutely, I imagine this as open as possible—a jam more than a concert, but I just like pomp and circumstance 🙂

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