The Dr. Oblivion Bot

In the latest episode of Reclaim Today, Paul Bond and I catch up with Michael Branson Smith (MBS) in order to break down how he created the Dr. Oblivion bot running at Oblivion.University. Paul has been integrating the bot into his ds106 course quite impressively over the last several weeks by introducing students to how to build such a Frankenstein creation.

As it so happens, MBS is a repeat offender on Reclaim Today, we chatted a few years ago about his CSS-generated animated movie posters—that are amazing—and it seems his creativity has no limits. He’s not afraid of AI or CSS!

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One Response to The Dr. Oblivion Bot

  1. GNA Garcia says:

    I tried the bot 2x. “When will I get my last, great job?” And, “When was Jaws made?” Waited a couple minutes for each.
    Not sure what’s supposed to happen. I assumed is was gonna be like a Zoltar moment.
    And, seeing y’all speaking the Origin Story was super cool.

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