The ds106 99: #32 #4life

Just in case there were any questions here is my birth certificate, I am in #4life people!

Special thanks to The Followers of the Apocalypse (ds106radio’s raddest DJ) for fedexing it to me 🙂

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7 Responses to The ds106 99: #32 #4life

  1. charles says:

    1. you’re insane
    2. what program did you use? do you have Photoshop?

    • Reverend says:

      A little zombie bird gave this to me, I didn’t do anything but post it. Follow the apocalypse, therein lies the key.

  2. dkernohan says:

    @Charles I actually used GIMP [ ] , which is like Photoshop but more free. As you can see I plainly spent upwards of three minutes on it as the background is all smear-y and I (once again) moved ds106 to the UK. But sometimes the quality is secondary to the timing, this is one that would have been less cool if I’d have spend all night making it look good. And yes, Jim Groom is insane – this is widely documented.

    @Jim – a pleasure as always.

  3. FAKE! They didn’t even HAVE .jpg back in 1961.

  4. Tim Owens says:

    We’re going to need a cord blood sample to confirm.

  5. peter naegele says:

    This is all fine and good…but how do you explain all the time you spent on ARPANET?

  6. Seth says:

    This is just a clever forgery to mask your hidden agenda to implement W3C law in this country. But I’m on to you…

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