The ds106 99: #41 An animated GIF factory

Yet another internaut from Martha Burtis’s ds106 section, Stacy, went nuts on their final project, and what’s even more remarkable is that she didn’t even know she was doing her final project. You can get the story here, but in short her month-long procrastination tool that was making animated GIFs became her final project—no where else but ds106! What’s more, she is an unbelievably good procrastinator—she must have done almost 200 animated GIFs! Insane. What’s more, she created a tutorial taking you through her process for making them, additionally shared some of her personal favorites here.

I’m not only blown away by how productive Stacy is, and just how good so many of her animated GIFs are—but this project also tells me a lot about her movie taste—which is impeccable. Breathless, Night of the Hunter, Buster Keaton, The 400 Blows, Videodrome….wow! That is a very solid list right there—and it is striking just how much the animated GF is both fan art and interpretation simultaneously. The last thing I’ll say ebfore a feature a few of my own favorites from Stacy’s impressive collection is that she just started her Tumblr account on march 31st, and already she has hundreds and hundreds (maybe even a thousand!) reblogs, likes, etc. on her animated GIFs. That is impressive, and I can;t help but think the feedback and knowing others are watching isn;t pushing her to do even more. And while I’m not crazy about the whole like-button web brought to us by Facebook—that’s why I am not “liking” her aniamted GIFs, but rather blogging them—I do believe that amount of feedback over such a short period of time is a testament that Tumblr does have a pretty intense community and is doing something right.

You can see all Stacy’s animated GIFs on her Tumblr blog, and below were a selection of my favorites. You rock Stacy!

Animated GIF from 21 Grams

Animated GIF of Empire State Building

Buster Keaton animated GIF

Buster Keaton Animated GIF

Marlon Brando GIF

400 Blows animated GIF

Videodrome animated GIF

videodrome animated GIF

Night of the Hunter animated GIF

Amadeus animated gif

Apocalypse Now animatd GIF

Animated GIF

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  1. stacy says:

    thanks Jim! it’s nice to see my procrastination pay off, probably not the best thing but yeahh this: “I can’t help but think the feedback and knowing others are watching isn’t pushing her to do even more” this is a very true statement defineilty continuing this tumblr!

  2. stacy says:


  3. Reverend says:


    Glad to hear you are continuing it, nothing cooler than seeing someone develop a way to get creative with their passion. And what passion is better than film? None. Not one 🙂

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