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When I was in London at the end of April I had the good fortune of stumbling into a showing of Ken Loach‘s second feature film, Kes (1969), at the British Film Institute (BFI). It’s my second time at the … Continue reading

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Reclaim Video’s 1983 Wishlist

Reclaim Video is coming along nicely. It will be officially opening sometime in the next month or so. What that looks like exactly is not entirely clear just yet, and ww would appreciate any and all ideas. We are discussing … Continue reading

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The Blog that Knew Too Much

Today I picked up this very large, colorful French film poster for Mario Bava’s 1963 film giallo The Girl Who Knew Too Much. It’s pretty special, and not just because it’s a cool piece of vintage film poster art for … Continue reading

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An Italian Xtro

I saw Xtro in the theaters at the ripe age of 12, and it scarred me. It has  arguably one of the more disturbing horror scenes of that era and I recall it all too well. It was a strange … Continue reading

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Torino Bestiale!

That inspired spire you see both above and below is Torino’s National Cinema Museum. Literally a cathedral devoted to film. And I caught it during a great exhibit, namely ….  An entire exhibit dedicated to beasts within film. And as … Continue reading

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I have been on a pretty rigorous diet of film watching this Summer. Last night I watched Carnival of Souls (1962) for the first time (it’s awesome), and before that The In-Laws (1979), Lake Placid (1999), Cronos (1993), A Man … Continue reading

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A Brute Force Opening

Today’s Daily Create submitted by Kevin Hodgson is a beauty. And it also is a hot tip to cool little bookmarklet tool that prints out a sheet of stills from a YouTube video. Turns out I watched Jules Dassin’s 1947 … Continue reading

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Jaws Diorama

I was just searching the term “digital diorama” which Vint Cerf used during his Decentralized Web Summit talk, which I really enjoyed. So, a quick search led me far afield as usual, and I came across this unbelievably gorgeous diorama thefigurecollector.com … Continue reading

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Revisiting Rocky

On the Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Dulles almost two weeks ago I found myself in one of the tighter, more uncomfortable seats I’ve had on an airplane in a long while. Anything resembling sleep was out of the question, … Continue reading

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Luke Skywalker liked me!

That bizarre moment when Luke Skywalker likes your tweet about him. @hamillhimself understands the Twitter pic.twitter.com/ikzPwJN4ri — Jim Groom (@jimgroom) December 31, 2015 Before this get subsumed into the black hole that is Twitter’s timeline, I just wanted to leave … Continue reading

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