The ds106zone Broadcast: Introduction and Syllabus Review

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At 2:00 PM (EDT) this afternoon, I sat down for a live broadcast at to give the class a rough overview of what to expect more generally from , as well as the specifics requirements for the week. I explained things like the site, the daily create, the assignment bank, as well as where to find the UMW student blogs versus the general flow of posts from around the community. I also discussed the syllabus and the assignment bank in some detail. If you are looking for the traditional introduction, overview, and syllabus rationale, this might be a good video for you.  I hint at discussing the visual and design assignments, but don’t cover that in this broadcast. I created a second video soon after this one in which Tim Owens and I introduce photo editing more broadly, as well as demonstrate a few basic process on GIMP.

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4 Responses to The ds106zone Broadcast: Introduction and Syllabus Review

  1. Brian Short says:

    Hey just FYI Jim, I, Brian “The Lemon” Short, taught DS at University of Michigan, not Michigan State.

    Next time, I’m sending the air force dolls to get you.

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  3. Brian Short says:

    Oh my god, you would think that. I’m just in it for the gifs, man.

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