The Going Rate for Sponsorship on the bava

I can’t let Alan Levine have all the fun with his curt responses to folks seeking paid advertising on his blog. I get similar emails regularly, and the one I got today offered me $30 for each sponsored spot, with as many as 5 all told. $150 dollarinis. But I’ve never been one to sell myself short, so I’ve a new proposal for all those seeking sponsorships, which I just shared with my inquiring friend. I will leave my response here for posterity and link to it for all future inquiries. These are my terms for sponsorship on bavatuesdays, and they are non-negotiable (except, of course, by me):

I take no less than $100K a spot, and it has to be in unmarked bills sent to an agreed upon Nigerian address.

Will send more details once you commit by sending your bank details along with a scanned copy of your license and SS card.

Looking forward to doing business together.

I think its only fair given the time and energy I have put into this blog, in fact it is quite cheap. And I am more than ready to make this deal with any interested parties. And I promise, this is not a scam 🙂 

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2 Responses to The Going Rate for Sponsorship on the bava

  1. Alan Levine says:

    As your bank in Lagos often says in Igbo dialect “a h?r? m unu na i nwere ekele maka ?”

    I bet you don’t get kind offers I just got today:

    We’re serving the same audience, so I thought I’d share this fresh infographic in case your readers may be interested in it as well: “188 America’s Most Popular Dogs”.

    If you need a unique mini-guest post or summary to go along with this infographic, please let me know and I’ll write one for your audience based on what we’ve found through our research.

    I hope you like it, and I look forward to your thoughts!

    Oh the thoughts, the thoughts, the thoughts!

    • Jim Groom says:

      I just got the reply, obviously they do not really get me:

      Hello Jim,

      Thanks for getting back to me.

      To give you an idea on what we do, we would be looking to write sponsored content for your site. This content would usually come in the form of a 500-word article and would include a ‘do-follow’ link to our client. The writer of the article would spend time on your site and get a feel for tone, style, and the type of content you usually post. They can go and write a tailored article for your blog. You can review, edit and reject the article if you find it not suitable. We want to contribute to your site and pay you for the privilege of posting it. However, we don’t divulge the name of our clients or brands at this stage – normally only when the articles are sent over for review.

      As long as you are comfortable, we would also request that the post not be marked as ‘sponsored’.

      In this regard, would you accept sponsored posts at http://? However,$100K per post is too high for our projects – upon checking your site, its metrics, and considering that we would write the article, would you consider $30 as a one-off rate per post regardless of the number of articles to be sent?

      Let me know your thoughts.


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