The Hero’s Journey Part 5: The Tunnel

Image of a cave

Image credit: Molly Des Jardin‘s “carter caves hole”

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And she sat there, motionless looking into the well, placidly watching the seven silver soldiers as they regrouped by the well preparing for another onslaught against me. I moved quickly, grabbed her tiny hand and ran through the forest as fast as we could. My sister couldn’t run too fast given her legs were half their usual size, and we both had trouble navigating the low branches. But we could here the seven soldiers following us adroitly.

In an attempt to evade the soldiers, I pulled my sister quickly and silently into an alcove in the woods and waited tensely while holding her mouth tightly shut. A few moments later the soldiers filed past the alcove and disappeared in the woods. I took my hand away from my sister’s mouth only to find you was asleep. I laid her down and explored the alcove which happened to have a tunnel leading beneath the forest. it had been hidden with dead leaves and random branches, but there is no question this was a passage to somewhere else. What’s more, from the various markings and faint light at the end of the passageway suggested it wasn’t abandoned, rather quite the opposite. So after hiding my sister in the darkest corner of the alcove and wrapped her in a now over-sized jacket while camouflaging her with leaves and a few thickly leaved branches

After that, I found a large branch, wrapped it in cloth and set it to fire. After a few moments of staring into the subtle darkness I entered the tunnel cautiously…

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  1. Tempy says:

    Next step in this lineage! Following more Light:


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  3. Tim says:

    For hero’s journey and screenwriting, suggest

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