The opening band for the opening band

Yesterday evening was the best kind of time capsule, found myself requesting The Replacements during the Friday afternoon rock show at DTLT, and after here their “Alex Chilton” tune I found myself yearning for more. So, Friday evening became search and destroy mission on the web, and as usual YouTube—the ultimate time machine—turned up a classic. “Kiss me on the Bus” off the album Tim is a favorite of mine, and when searching it out, I got a video of some crazy 80s public access TV show on which the host describes The Replacements as the “opening for the opening band.” The video consists of some vintage 80s corny, and I found it impossible to look away—though every impusle told me to.

Now, the evening got crazy after this, because “Kiss me on the Bus” led me to another favorite song of theirs, “Within Your Reach.”

The Replacements – Within Your Reach
Found at

Which any Lloyd Dobbler fan has a weak spot for, an as it turns out when I settled in for a movie last night what should come up on my Encore suite of movie channels? That’s right, Say Anything…, which I eagerly watched again for the first time in a long time and loved every minute of it. The nostalgia gods were smiling on me last night.  Funny, that movie came out in 1989, the year of my graduation from high school, and in many ways defined a sense of what I wanted to be, though never was because Lloyd was actually nice, I was never really nice. And in retrospect I learned to hate the whole sentimental guy propaganda of the late 80s and early 90s high school dramas. I was a victim of the emasculation of Hollywood males, and all too willingly so—but the bava helped me bust out of that 🙂

And, as a side note, 80s movies are becoming ever more dear to me these days because they are reminding me that I am quickly getting old, and there is nothing stranger than marking how little time you really have through the young, fresh faces and styles of another time. Movies are therapy for the aging.

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3 Responses to The opening band for the opening band

  1. Mikhail says:

    I will move that Let It Be is the Replacements at their pinnacle. Tim and Pleased to Meet me also rock.

  2. Reverend says:

    I do not disagree in spirit, I dig Let it Be, but for some reason Tim has its claws in me right now, maybe cause Tommy Ramone produced it? 🙂

  3. I never got Say Anything. At the time it bored me out of my skull, which is weird, considering I was the one always trying to get my friends to go see Ran but they always wanted to go see Child’s Play or some such fare. Now there’s a mashup waiting to happen — Chuckie and Dobbler.

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