The Violence of Nature featured on UMW Blogs

Audubon comes to UMW with a video camera. The Jackal’s Junkyard (a brand spanking new UMW Blogs blog) has edited and uploaded five minutes of video footage featuring a hawk devouring a squirrel on UMW campus. Needless to say, this blog is now the front page feature at UMW Blogs -I will be the first to say that someone else should have editorial control over this space, but until that time enjoy!

Here are some more details from Psychojackal’s post:

It proceeds to devour the squirrel on the ground, right between a pair of heavily used pathways. It stayed there for over two hours as people grouped around to watch and didn’t seem the least bit phased that it had an audience…Now, granted I’d never attempt to get as close to a wild animal, especially one that’s eating, as some of the people did (within 2 feet or so), because that’s just foolish, but I did get within about 4-5 feet and was able to zoom in on the camera to get some decent shots.

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