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Samson Would Have Laughed

Over a week ago Adam Croom reached out to Tim and I to help him make a game for Keegan Long-Wheeler, who is presently convalescing from brain surgery. We were asked to create a short video of us responding to … Continue reading

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More opinionated edtech responses then you can shake a blog at

While I was in Barcelona this past October to co-present with Brian Lamb at the Open University of Catalonia’s (UOC) “Pushing the Boundaries of Higher Ed” symposium (presentation video above), they decided to subject themselves to my opinionated responses to a … Continue reading

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Hello Blog!

Been taking a bit of a break from the bava blog the last few weeks, it’s been a welcome respite. September and October were fairly intense travel months, and after the US election I really wanted  break from the maddening media. … Continue reading

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Our Portfolio Could be Your Life: The Video

Just got word the videos for ePic 2016 in Bologna are now available on YouTube.  Here is the full playlist. I’m including a link to mine in the original post as well as here because I had fun doing this one. … Continue reading

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LIRR from Jamaica to Penn Station

I grew up in Baldwin, Long Island which is a 30-minute train ride to Manhattan. I’ve ridden the LIRR to and from NYC’s Penn Stations innumerable times. And still to this day I remain mesmerized by the trip more than 40 … Continue reading

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Re-ordering Pizza in 2015

Back in early June of this year I had the good fortune of listening to Phil Windley talking about digital identity, sovereign source identity, block chain, and much more at BYU’s The University API event. I deeply respect the caliber … Continue reading

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Anna Rinko is a Great Mind

At some point soon I might stop writing about UMW, but that won’t be today. Damn you, UMW! You gotta give the devil it’s due, and the students at UMW I have come to know there have ruled. There are many, many  great … Continue reading

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And All Through the House

I started watching the first few Tales from the Crypt episodes over break, and while it’s uneven, there are some crazy ass episodes. For example, the second episode of season 1, “All Through the House,” which aired on June 10, 1989, and … Continue reading

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Wire 106: S02E09 “Stray Rounds”

For this video discussion of Season 2 Episode 9 of The Wire, “Stray Rounds,” Paul Bond and I were joined by UMW #wire106 internauts Lakisha Mahone and Nicky Memita. This discussion was pretty tight, and I found it a lot of fun. Since … Continue reading

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That Thing: The Napster Phenomenon (2000)

During a brilliant presentation on copyright and fair use in The Internet Course tonight, the presenters shared a relatively short video called “The Napster Phenomenon” (2000). It was filmed while Napster was in the midst of its legal battles. It’s a pretty … Continue reading

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