The World’s Craziest Educational Videos feat. ds106

I’m not sure the K12 Online Conference is over yet, and I’m also not sure where the discussion for that conference is taking place—anyone? But I did want to go ahead and share the entire 21 minute video we created for that session on the bava. The “we” I refer to is not simply my being polite or using the Queen’s English, rather it refers to the many awesome people who contributed to this video that I laid out in an earlier post.

So, if you are into masochism here is the 21 minute video that I can understand why no will watch—who watches 21 minute videos online anymore?

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4 Responses to The World’s Craziest Educational Videos feat. ds106

  1. Hey Jim!

    Your keynote has been viewed about 500 times so far. That doesn’t include downloads via iTunes U so it may be as much as twice that if not more.

    I thought is was a great mashup of tallent and storytelling techniques that did an outstanding job of highlighting some of the amazing things #ds106 inspired. Thanks for sharing the story. It planted many seeds for different digital storytelling projects across the world. The teaser was drop dead fantastic! (HT @twoodwar!)


  2. Tim Owens says:

    “who watches 21 minute videos online anymore”

    DTLT Today fans, that’s who! #dreaming

  3. Reverend says:

    Thanks for the opportunity, it was a blast and I learned a ton. particularly that you are awesome for putting up with my shameless procrastination.

    Everyone who watches a DTLT Today video is a masochist by definition, you should know that by now 🙂

  4. Tom says:

    Here’s to masochism.

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