K12 Online Conference Presentation: Disclaimer, Credits, and Resources

Welcome to the resource guide for mine and Tom Woodward’s presentation titled “The World’s Craziest Educational Videos featuring ds106”

Below are a couple of quick, useful links for this presentation:

Disclaimer, credits, and resources

I couple of months ago I committed to presenting at the 2011 K12 Online Conference not realizing just how much work it would be and how little time I would have. I asked Tom Woodward to join in the fun, but ultimately let him down given how late in the game I actually got started on the project. He was nice enough to create a teaser for the presentation as well as frame the idea and get a whole bunch of ds106 folks to submit videos illustrating how ds106 changed their lives. The resulting keynote video is 20 minutes long, all the coherent and intelligent pieces are a result of Tom’s rallying everyone to submit their reflections while I was traveling. What’s more, the strange filler with detective Kim Droom is all mine. In other words, everything good is a result of the work of Tom Woodward and the ds106 community members who generously contributed, while the weird and somewhat tongue-in-cheek interpretation of Tom’s trailer is mine. Finally, I take full responsibility for all this presentation’s imperfections—and there are many.

That disclaimer out of the way, making a compelling 15-20 minute video capturing the essence of ds106 was a challenge. The format/time range raises the question–who wants to watch a 15-20 minute video online? I don’t, so I created the entire video (which I will embed here after the conference debut) as well as providing everyone below with links to each of the individual videos that makeup the presentation to enable you to choose which one you want to watch based more on interest than linear narrative.

The other part of this presentation that was hard for me was talking about ds106. It is so varied, distributed, and nuanced that it is hard for one person to present this course. Tom’s call for stories helped resolve some of this, and a very special thanks to Giulia Forsythe, Alan Levine, Grant Potter, Tim Owens, Zack Dowell, and Michael Branson Smith  for their contributions that provide an amazing scope to this video that would have been absent otherwise. At the same time I feel that scope just scratches the surface, and I personally feel less and less equipped to present on ds106 any more. If I was a smarter man than I am I would have immediately made the call for everyone to submit their take on ds106 by providing a few loose questions/suggestions and then edited those submissions together over time. But I feel like I have called on too many people too many times for this class already, and a part of me just wants it to go back to the people who made it great—at this point I feel I am little more than a ds106 patsy. ds106 is really not about Jim Groom—and the tale of the tape attests to that.

So, in that spirit, below are links to the six videos within the video (not including Tom Woodward’s teaser). Hopefully this will let some of you pick and choose the pieces you want to enjoy while at the same time preserving each of the original author’s vision. Finally, for a much better keynote/overview of ds106 the course, see Lou McGill‘s Digital Literacies video:

Below are the individual contributions from the ds106 community, all of whom I can’t begin to thank enough.

Tom Woodward’s presentation Teaser

ds106 Intro and History

Overview of the ds106 Architecture

Grant Potter’s explanation of ds106radio

Tim Owens “A ds106 Testimonial”

Giulia Forsythe “How ds106 Changed My Life”

Link to Giulia’s blog post on the video.

Zach Dowell‘s “Addiction”

Post on Zack’s blog: http://www.noiseprofessor.org/?p=813

Alan Levine’s “My ds106 Addiction”

Alan’s blog post describing the process.

Michael Branson Smith‘s “My ds106 Confession”

So, as a way of creating a resource page for the presentation on ds106

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12 Responses to K12 Online Conference Presentation: Disclaimer, Credits, and Resources

  1. rowan_peter says:

    Great work on The World’s Craziest Educational Videos featuring ds106 presentation and good luck with your Story time Keynote!

    • Reverend says:


      An thanks for your contribution, sorry I couldn’t work it in with the theme—but in the en you might be happier about that 🙂

  2. rowan_peter says:

    It’s no problem that you didn’t use my contribution. Sorry it didn’t fit the theme. I should’ve done some research on your tweet for some context for my contribution.

  3. Tom says:

    One, I don’t think there’s anything to apologize for.

    But to add to the mountain of apologies, sorry I couldn’t swing the last minute stuff. Usually it works but family visit, other work etc. this time around took precedence.

    I will be playing with some of this in preparation for VSTE this coming weekend. We’ll see how that turns out. I’ll be doing it in person so I’m not sure how much video I’ll use but the concepts will be there.

  4. Reverend says:

    You were aces, and the videos you got from the ds106 folks made the presentation. And while I love the Kim Droom stuff and the Shining-inspired ds106 history, I can’t help but think I was being a tad indulgent. There is no doubt I needed a couple of slaps along the way. And I think this might go down in the “indulgence unchecked is a dangerous thing” category 🙂 Either way, it was fun, a quite a number of nuggets in the World’s Craziest Educational Videos theme—I want to revisit bits of it in higher quality with no deadline.

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  6. Wesley Fryer says:

    Great job on this video project, and thanks so much for sharing this backstory. I’ve known about DS106 for a long time but it was great to have this opportunity to learn about via a longer, video narrative. What creativity! I’m very intrigued by the community which has grown up around DS106 as well. I’ve been interested in getting involved in the course and specifically having opportunities to “play” with online radio, and your presentation further energized me to pursue those goals.

    Many, many thanks for your work and the work of others in getting all this together. 🙂

  7. Frank Fitzpatrick says:

    Michael Branson Smith’s “Confession” is amazing. So well done!

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  9. I’m with Tom, no need to apologize. 20 minutes is a lot of video! And you did a great job tying everyone’s work together with Tom’s theme using Kim Droom, not an easy task for sure. And thankfully she was in your back pocket from the Summer of Oblivion.

    There is so much to ds106 to wrap one’s head around and I didn’t even get a chance to talk about how amazing and trusting you’ve been, lending me the keys to site this semester. I’m truly awed by your energy to create so much, and your ability to stay so locked in. DS106 is such a dizzying and rewarding experience at the same time.

  10. And Frank, thanks for the shout out. DS106 helps me stay on my creative toes.

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