This Week in ds106: Kim Droom vs Enre5807

Almost all the students blogs in ds106 have been hacked by Enre5807, luckily we have detective Kim Droom on the job investigating the case. It is a complex case with a lot of ins and outs—but ds106 lies down for nobody. NOBODY!!!! BRING ON THE HACKERZ.

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7 Responses to This Week in ds106: Kim Droom vs Enre5807

  1. Hells yes! Go get’em teach. 😉

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  3. scottlo says:

    So nice of you to end this post with paraphrase of George W. Bush.

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  5. cali4beach says:

    I hope Kim Droom can solve it!! Guess my post about completing my yearlong dailyshoot challenge will have to wait! :/

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