This Week in ds106: Mashups, Remixes, Fan Fiction and Archiving

This Week in ds106: Mashups, Remixes, Fan Fiction, and Archiving from umwnewmedia on Vimeo.

I spent the penultimate class session of this semester’s ds106 talking about remix culture before YouTube, a la Jonathan McIntosh’s article I discovered today. During class we touched on everything from Vidding to Slash Fiction to Media Fandom and more. I regret not focusing on Negativland’s work, and I wish I would have had a wee bit more time to pontificate, but the semester got away from me this year. I’m not too worried in the end, however, because so much of what is produced over the course of the semester is a form of fan fiction, and it seems a bit silly at this late hour to belabor the point academically.

A couple of points hit on in this video for UMW students looking for the Cliff’s Notes edition:

  • You need to get an account on UMW Blogs and create a placeholder blog for your import. Something like See about minute 35-40 of the video above wherein I start talking about the process.
  • If you need to catch up on comments and participation, you will get credit if you submit work that inspired you to (do it!)
  • You need to set up a meeting with me sometime next week, sign-up on the wiki page here.
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