This Week in ds106: Week 5 Preview and a Special Edition

This week introduces the Design section of ds106, which is a personal favorite. Alan and I preview what’s to come in week 5 which wiull be all design all the time. Special guests that will appear at some point this week include Tim Owens and Giulia Forsythe. Very much looking forward to the fun. See the weekly assignment here.

Additionally, Alan, Tim Owens, Zach Dowell, and I talk about the art of jamming and ds106 as a framwork for trying to push the boundaries of community and collaboration in this course by integrating elements of people re-mixing each others work. This is really exciting stuff for me, and marks the next layer and level of innovation and awesome that is ds106.

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2 Responses to This Week in ds106: Week 5 Preview and a Special Edition

  1. peter naegele says:

    Mark Hosler’s [of Negativland] presentation on culture jamming from “Adventures In Illegal Art” is fantastic. Here’s a playlist of his contributions:

  2. Brian Short says:

    “Add a fat cat. Do something.” *LIKE*

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