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An image of the DabbleDB logoI was reading an article on edugadget posted back in October, and it had a great link to a site called techcrunch which is keeping track of all the new and cool software being distributed under the Web 2.0 banner. After following the link, the site did not disappoint. They are featuring a new software, yet to be released, called DabbleDB – which allows you to do the following, to quote an earlier techcrunch review of this forthcoming web 2.0 application:

DabbleDB is a platform that allows you to create applications online using a web interface. The sort of applications you would create and then use are what most of us normally hack together in a spreadsheet or using some other database application that is often complex. Example applications that I created in DabbleDB are a contacts list, where I can store, share and categorise my contacts, and also an issue tracking system where I can track bugs and change requests. Other examples on the DabbleDB website are a expense report application, a conference organising app, a scheduling app and a client invoicing application.

A Web 2.0 Meta-application – I love it! You can see the demo video of the application here. Man, I hope they release this soon, it looks groovy …

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4 Responses to Tracking Web 2.0 at

  1. Andy Rush says:

    Thanks for blogging on this. I too am a TechCrunch convert and noted the dabbleDB talk, but I hadn’t found the video.

  2. Avi Bryant says:

    Thanks for the interest. We’ll be releasing quite soon, but if you want to be get an early look drop me a line –

  3. Zach Davis says:

    Very interesting stuff — thanks for the link.


  4. Martha says:


    Thanks for the tip about TechCrunch. I hadn’t seen it, but I’ve added it to my out-of-control Bloglines account 😉

    Another site worth monitoring for these kinds of emerging applications is Emily Chang’s ehub:


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