Lyceum – a multi-user blog solution?

A couple of weeks back (March 1st, to be exact) boingboing posted about a new multi-user blogging service called Lyceum (developed by  I just got around to downloading the nightly build and reading the FAQ, and I have to say if it delivers on what it promises this could be a welcome alternative to the WordPress Multi-User nightly build nightmare.

Seems that Lyceum uses the wordpress code, design, themes, and plugins, but has redesigned the database table structure.  And while users that are not sysadmins cannot upload files or install themes and/or plugins, this multi-user blogging software promises to scale easily from 2 to 200,000+ blogs – now that is enterprise level!

You can see their demo site to try a test installation here.

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3 Responses to Lyceum – a multi-user blog solution?

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  2. Tareque Chy says:

    I have installed lyceum. Everything is fine and completed left me login link page. I have tried to login and have got “invalide/username” error. Later on I checked that no tables were created in the database.

  3. jimgroom says:


    Did you create a database table for your lyceum install and link it to your Lyceum install? Take a look at my step-by-step installation guide for Lyceum, as well as my tutorial for creating a mySQL database for Lyceum. if these are no helpful, let me know.

    Good luck …

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