UMW at ACCS: A Motley Crue (insert umlaut …twice)

As a proud member of DTLT I think it is safe to say that we had a relatively successful run of our “Bluehost: A Fantastico Expedition” presentation at the ACCS conference today. It was really a pleasure to talk about all the fantastic”o” things we are doing here at UMW, and framing it through our experiment with bluehost web hosting gave me a fresh and important perspective on all the great things we do on a daily basis. Additionally, it makes me really excited about the next steps we take. I know Gardner always talks about the ‘Dream Team’ – and today I think I saw what he was talking about when I watched my colleagues share their knowledge so articulately with the audience … bully for DTLT!!! Below is a picture of the group (I actually took the picture so, unfortunately, I am absent from the photo) right after the rock concert:

Motely Crue

Oh, yeah, did I mention Jon Udell is coming to Mary Washington? More info here …

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2 Responses to UMW at ACCS: A Motley Crue (insert umlaut …twice)

  1. Gardner says:

    Glad to hear the TR allusion. Here’s another: “dee-lighted.” I hear you people rocked the house, and I’m very proud to be in your midst. We’ve come so very far–and we’re just getting warmed up. Great things ahead.

    And with regard to the photo, you can’t fool me: I know you’re in the Nikki Sixx costume.

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