UMW Students Hating on Artist Jeff Baij to Great Acclaim

Just a few days ago artist Jeff Baij praised myriad UMW students in Rosemary Jesionowski’s Digital Approaches to Fine Arts class that have been committed over the last several years to “shitting all over [his] art on their university blogs.”

The artist in question speaks more on the genesis of this relationship on his permalinkless blog (starving artist etc etc etc):

i have no idea how i ended up in the curriculum (and let me say here that i am SO HAPPY and insanely grateful that i did) but 90% of these kids HATE MY SHIT. truly. some of the more unreserved lashings from previous years are on my –> bio <– page.
i’m saying, the reaction is on some whole other level and i can only imagine that it must have been a total shit storm year after year because now these kids arent reviewing me anymore.


That’s right ladies and gentleman, UMW students are now attacking this artist by actually demonstrating just how easy it is to fake his work. Even an undergrad in a digital arts class can do it—the ultimate insult.

Damn, I love UMW Blogs!

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  1. Neva says:

    Hot diggity dog!

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