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Yet another trend I’ve noticed with UMW Blogs is that courses and random groups are consciously publishing their articles with a far greater audience in mind than their specific class. Not only are many sites aimed at the UMW community, but also at the wide world beyond it. A great example is Uncle Lumpy’s Down-Home Art Blog and Pancake Emporium. This is a wild class experiment that has emerged on UMW Blogs wherein all the authors are blogging under personae (check out the very entertaining contributors page for a few examples). It’s a healthy mix of local art news, pancake recipes, and a Q & A column with Uncle Lumpy himself—which I think is awesome. I’m just patiently waiting for the actual arrival of the blabberized version of the Uncle Lumpy Q&A. What becomes immediately apparent is that the unknown souls behind this project are marking another trend, the conscious move of creating a news and entertainment space that moves well beyond the classroom and out to the community more generally. I love Uncle Lumpy!

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  1. lucychili says:

    i think it is intereting where we are using fact, fiction and refraction in internet spaces.

    lumpy is also interesting as fiction at play in society?
    of identities which are masks
    perhaps this is next generation’s equivallent of
    ‘players’ who travelled and performed.
    now we visit them instead? ioin text and media.

  2. Reverend says:


    I totally agree with you there, it is a performance piece as much as it is a space to share and feature the work of others. Moreover, it’s more than apparent that they are having a ball collaborating on it, which makes it all the better 🙂

    I also found another blog by UMW Alumni of the Historic Preservation department that are collaborating together on a blog from various places around the US as well as internationally. It is a very cool project:


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