Under Construction: Some bava theme repair

Update: Now on latest version of K2, comments working once again.
Update: Back to Twenty 10 for now.
Update: And back to K2 for ood now
My old gold theme, a vintage K2 theme version 0.91, seems to have been blocking comments from repeat commentors since the upgrade to WordPress 3.0, beta 2 release. I have to admit I haven’t upgraded K2 since 2005/2006, and looks like I’m finally being forced to do something about it. I’m working on upgrading to a new version of K2, while at the same time exploring building my own theme. But in the meantime I have reverted the bava to the new default WordPress theme Twenty 10. I kind of dig its simplicity and site-like design—which is what attracted me to K2 to begin with—and I’ll be using this theme during the theme construction ahead. Please forgive the bava while it is under construction.

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12 Responses to Under Construction: Some bava theme repair

  1. Reverend says:

    Hello, this is a test

  2. Reverend says:

    test 2

  3. Jim says:

    Sandbox is awesome for making your own theme. It’s all I’ve used since December and I dig it.

  4. Cole says:

    This is a test 😉

  5. Stein says:

    Couldn’t you find a nice graphic with a guy in a hard hat?

    Yes, that /is/ all I can contribute.

  6. Reverend says:

    I’m kinda hurt you didn;t like my flashing “Under Construction” sign.

  7. Zach Davis says:

    It’s awful. Worst under construction sign ever.

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