vinylcast #20: AC/DC’s Powerage
NB: I had to do my #vinylcast earlier today given I had a jam-packed day of radio. The Jim & Anto show was on course and I had the unique pleasure of talking with Bryan Mathers on the radio, and I will start posting some of those discussions on this site as a kind of cross-archive of my radio shenanigans. what’s more, this is the first post that will actually have the audio from the #vinylcast, I will go back and add audio to previous posts this weekend. I had a hankering for some Australian rock and roll, and Powerage is definitely my favorite AC/DC, so that was the call for this morning. Tjhere were not too many frills, although the liner notes were fun to read, and this album is just dripping with blues inspiration and driving beats that I can listen to non-stop.
My brother and I travelled cross-country in 1989, and this was one of the cassette tapes we listened to for seemingly days on end, and it was pretty awesome road trippin rock. I was glad to see at least one other listener enjoyed it ? In fact, Paul turned me on to a cover album of AC/DC tunes called What’s Next to the Moon, which he subsequently played on the radio, and that was just another tell-tale sign of how awesome it ll is, it’s not radio so much as it is playing songs for each other. below is the audio from this #vinylcast, enjoy!
AC/DC Powerage vinylcast
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