Week 12-13 Assignment: El Mashup

Over the next two weeks you will be asked to do a mashup. See the guidelines below and keep in mind you are by no means limited to video for this assignment. Also, last semester the ds106 students went to town on mashups, and I have shared a number of examples from that class to give you a sense of what’s possible.

As a part of this assignment I will expect you to post about some of your favorite mashups around the web, and tell us what you like about them.

Guidelines (thank you Martha Burtis):

  • You can create your project using any (mix) of media: audio, video, images, Web sites, data, videogames, etc.
  • Your final product should significantly alter or challenge the original meaning of your sources.
  • You must be able to share your final product on your blog in some form. When you do so, you should reflect upon your creative process/choices and you must credit (and link to, if applicable) all of your sources.

You will be evaluated on the following:

  • turning the work in on-time
  • the originality of your work
  • how well you have integrated different sources ore reworked original sources to make a new meaning/story
  • your reflection and explanation of your choices and creative process

The project is due in two weeks (4/16/11), but you need to blog about what you’re
doing and your progress until then. The tag (for both progress report and final
project): elmashup

Some mashup examples from last semester’s ds106 course:

Lindsay Walker’s “Louis & Marie Meet B.I.G.”

Kevin Cherniawski’s “The Expendable Rangers- Recut”

And also Kevin’s audio mashup “Trance of Fates (A Star Wars Techno Remix)”:

Trance of Fates- Star Wars Remix

Morrgan’s “Shutter Island and Harry Potter 4/5”

Garrett Bush’s Andrew Disney/Walt Ryan Mash-up

Stephanie’s photographic mashup

Ed Martinez’s mashup of Terminator Salvation and Modern Warfare

Christopher Vernet ‘s Anchorman: the Legend of an American Psycho

The Car: a ds106 mashedup production

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