Thanks to the great Tim Owens we are up and running with ds106.tv, and after last Friday night’s epic Karaoke cum all night conversation on ds106.tv I couldn’t wait to test it out this week (I was dreaming about it all weekend). What’s more, as fate and the alignment of genius would have it, Andy Rush has been putting together and presenting about a mobile streaming TV kit for UMW’s DTLT. What’s more, it is so very similar to Timmyboy’s setup (we are also using Wirecast) and it has allowed UMW’s ds106 contingent to get up and running with a pretty powerful setup for ds106.tv (which I am sure Andy will blog shortly).

What has been unfortunate is that I haven’t had nearly enough time this week to play with ds106.tv, no less get on the radio. I’ve been doing conferences with the face-to-face and online UMW ds106ers as a way of checking in, and seeing where they are, how the class is working, and where they are with their assignments, final projects., etc. I do this 3 times a semester and this is the second time, and It’s intense because it demands I catch up on everyone’s stuff—which is important but time consuming—and also get a pulse of how things are going in general. I have been accused of pushing too hard or getting over excited about things and pouring on work—it’s not true—and I use these conference sessions to dispel and myths and rumors 🙂

Anyway, all this is a long excuse for why I haven’t done more with ds106.tv, but I have to say I’ve done a little bit and what I’ve done has been a panic. During karaoke Friday I had this idea to do a nightly news cast wherein I talk about a particular element of ds106, have call-in guests, interview students, etc. I cemented the idea in my first test broadcast, which was basically a way to start playing around with Wirecast and Justn.tv. You can see that below, it has a bit of language but it is basically me figuring out the ds106 icon layer, the lower-third effect, and playing with picture-in-picture. This was done yesterday.

Keep in mind there is a 30 second advertisement before each episode.

Watch live video from ds106tv on Justin.tv

Today I actually got the idea to invite a student onto the ds106 Nightly News and talk about a project, their creative process, and their ds106 experience. Andrew Allingham was cool enough to agree, and we got to talk about his awesome video essay on The Saragasso Manuscript, his creative process, and future ideas. It was another test, but I think it has legs. It’s fun to sit and chat with ds06ers about what they are doing, and once I get a sense of what I am doing I think it is a great way to feature student work, get a sense of what’s happening around the course, and hopefully lead to others taking up roles in the process of reporting on ds106. I have another ds106 student, Jessica Masulli, who has agreed to come in on Thursday and talk about the job she got as a journalist after she graduates, and how some of the stuff we have been talking about in ds106 might play into her future. I’m excited. But for now enjoy Andrew’s awesome voice as he talks Polish Psychedelic 60s films 🙂

Keep in mind there is a 30 second advertisement before each episode.

Watch live video from ds106tv on Justin.tv

And finally, after class tonight Anto and the kids came by to pick me up from work and we all got to playing with ds106.tv, what came out is the first ds106.tv kids channel episode. I think there may be more to come here as well, what a blast it could be if I could actually sit down and start planning some nuttiness. But until then, enjoy!

Keep in mind there is a 30 second advertisement before each episode.

Watch live video from ds106tv on Justin.tv

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8 Responses to ds106.tv

  1. Reverend says:

    One of the things I need to figure out is how to run a few mics of a mixer into this setup so I am not louder than everyone else, should be easy enough—but I am still very much learning all this stuff so we’ll see.

  2. Sign me up for one of these episodes! I’m completely blown away by how far technology has advanced. I have a question – do any of these episodes air live? Or is it edited? I’m just curious.
    P.S. I only got to watch Tim Owen has noting on me and your children are adorable! (I’ll babysit)

  3. Alan Levine says:

    You have a beautiful family! And you will have your hands full for the next 17 years 😉

    Ciao, Poopy Face!

  4. Tim Owens says:

    Ivania, they always air live first at http://ds106.tv/live and then they are archived and embedded in posts on the site.

    And Jim, I may not have had them up by the time you did this post but if you use the YouTube embeds on the ds106.tv site there are no ads.

  5. Prof Hanley says:

    O.k. . . so ds106 looks like a great class . . .. but ds106.tv is uber-alles! Karaoke . . . ok . . . Groom family very charming . . but the interview with A. Allingham, maker of great content, is brilliant! Students talking about their projects . . . conversations between co-conspirators . . .this is what learning is all about. One picayune snit: can somebody do something about Tim Doom’s wardrobe? (Maybe like a snappy polyester sportcoat in suitable un-natural shade and french cuffs? . . . there’s this guy Ron Burgundy who might inspire some sartorial upgrading . . .)

  6. scottlo says:

    Ha Ha – Tim Doom in a polyester hooded jumpsuit sounds good.

    The Wirecast software looks like a great application for switching between video sources – kind of like a mixer for video. But the price seems out of reach for some, namely me.

    I am becoming reacquainted with CamTwist. Since I used it last, the free program has been updated to a version 2.1 version. It really looks promising but will require some experimentation to see how it does with multiple video sources as Picture in Picture (PIP) elements.

    If anyone has experience with CamTwist or wants to experiment, please send me a telegram or something.

  7. Reverend says:

    Timmmmyboy rocks and answered yur question, and we are always looking for a babysitter 🙂

    You are too kind, and they are too fun. can;t wait until you get to meet them in physical space!

    Where are the YouTube videos? I will totally grab those. let me know.

    @Prof Hanley,
    Yeah, that was fun, and I have much more of that coming. Actually I am doing another one today at 1 (EST). I also have another idea for a live radio/intervewi happy hour speical with a few student. Could be a blast. And how sick would ds106.tv be for the film class we have ben discussing?

    You may want to check out boinx.tv, it is a bit cheaper for the limited version ($50). But the full one is $500. And it work with CamTwist, so check that out. Looking forward to some live TV from Japan 🙂

  8. Tim Owens says:

    Youtube videos are posted to my account, http://www.youtube.com/timmmmyboy. I had setup a ds106tv account but it had a 15 minute time limit on uploads and apparently my personal account is privileged to not have that limit. The youtube videos are what is being posted on http://ds106.tv so any video there you can click the title on to go to the video on Youtube and grab the embed. I’m also going to start adding a section for the embed code to each post on ds106.tv.

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