What are they looking for?

Every so often I check in on search terms to see what people are looking for when they inadvertently find the bava. And, as you can imagine, it’s anything but edtech. This range of search terms makes me happy—though the 1976 snuff film has me a bit concerned 🙂 My traffic was basically cut in half a year or two ago when I stopped writing about stuff like WordPress, EDUPUNK, and edtech more generally (though I still very much write about these things, but outside the perceived vision of an edtech blog).

A strictly edtech blog (or any other kinda of one-trick space) always seemed an unnecessarily limiting idea for me. From the very beginning my blog was an extension of the myriad influences and ideas that make me who I am—all of which are far more compelling as a fragmented narrative then some singular notion of a field. What makes a field interesting is how you bring your own ideas of culture to it in hopes that some new combinations will inspire something beautiful. And while I understand it’s not the only way, it makes it that much easier for me to write so regularly. I mean where else would I put my Fisher Price A-Frame posts? bavatuesdays 4life!

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