The Shining as Seen through Duke Nukem

I first heard about the Duke Nukem 3D mod of Stanely’s Kubrick’s The Shining while watching Rob Ager’s brilliant video essay on spatial anomalies. I saw bits and pieces of the Overlook Hotel map in the video essay, but never actually played the game or saw an entire walkthrough. That changed this morning when I stumbled upon this video that features a walkthrough of the Shining II mod. And let me tell you, the attention to detail and evidence of love for the original is everywhere apparent—it’s an absolutely brilliant example of creative fan art. Below is the video walkthrough, and here is the actual mod that you can download and play if you already have the Duke Nukem 3D Atomic edition installed.

I haven’t tried to install and play Shining II yet, but I will be sometime very soon. I’m not sure how straightforward it is, or isn;t on the Mac, but when I figure out the details—I’ve heard some forum rumblings about an eDuke emulator for Macs, etc.—I’ll try and document the process for any potentially interested souls. What a great time suck to tide me over during Christmas break.

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