Wire 106: Week 16 – Game Over

Seemed like just yesterday we were preparing for the big adventure that was #wire106.


But 50 episodes of The Wire later and 2336 posts of awesome—as of this moment—looks like the game is over.


Given it is finals week, and ds106 has been a ton of work this semester (Paul and I do apologize kind of), you might be feeling like this:


Or even this:


But that feeling of elated relief will pass, and you will come to the discovery, much like Bodie does in the scene below, that this game is rigged:

is not a course, and you are not a student. This is a community (some say a cult), and you are officially #4life.

ds106 cult

Image credit: Martha Burtis

There is still season 5 to watch, which many argue is not the best, but we’ll be watching, tweeting and making art around it. We hope you do too. What’s more. with over 2300 posts published in 15 short weeks there’s no way any of us could read everything. But the beauty of ds106 is it isn’t constrained by time or place, there’s world enough and time to return to each others work and continue being inspired.

There are no assignments for finals week, but if you find some time, let folks from around the ds106 community know what work inspired you and leave some comments to spread the love.

Image credit: Jack Mulrey’s ds106 Propaganda Poster

You have been an amazing group, your work has been brilliant, and your willingness to learn openly not only alongside one another, but  a broader community has been inspiring. You all ruled the school. Until your next masterpiece, take care and comb your hair!

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7 Responses to Wire 106: Week 16 – Game Over

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  2. Paul says:

    Game over? What are we gonna do now, man?
    But seriously, this class had Game. With a capital G.

  3. Well, UNCLE @jimgroom and Mr @phb256 so what is the next #ds106 about and starting?

    Plus, I always make sure that my hair is nice and combed.

  4. Travis Peed says:

    Season 5 is…. lets say interesting… VERY INTERESTING… and McNulty is insane. I have 3 episodes left. I couldn’t stop at the end of season 4. I think I can (meaning I will) finish it tomorrow.

    • Reverend says:

      There is no end to your awesome. Got an email from Randy Wagstaff the other day suggested you were is employee. Glad to hear you got in on the ground floor with that soon-to-be candy mogul.

  5. Quinntero says:

    I plan to peek in on Noir106 to see how it’s going. Sounds like fun!

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